Advanced Functional Materials & Nanomaterials

Session Chair Mohammed Al-Hashimi   – [email protected]

“According to my calculations…” Computational and Theoretical Results

Session Chair Edward Brothers   – [email protected]

Investing in the Future – Preparing Students for a STEM Career

Session Chair Ashfaq Bengali   – [email protected]
Session Chair Benjamin Cieslinski   – [email protected]

Process Safety Engineering

Session Chair Luc Vechot   – [email protected]

Advanced Chemical Process and Product Design for a Better World

Session Chair Ioannis Economou   – [email protected]

Chemical Engineering Sciences and Fundamentals

Session Chair Anand Kumar   – [email protected]

Catalysis and Polymers

Session Chairs

Sherzod Madrahimov   – [email protected]

Dhruv Arora – [email protected]

Poster Session on General Topics in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Session Chair Benjamin Cieslinski   – [email protected]